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Ever wonder what God’s voice sounds like? Some people I’ve talked to have told me that they actually hear him answer their prayers in a clear audible voice. Sorry, I don’t believe most of you. But what if that was true? What if when God spoke he sounded like Truman Capote? What would that do to the image you have of him? I don’t know if I’m ready to know what his voice sounds like.

I think that maybe he speaks through our consciences. After all, we somehow posses an awareness of what we “ought” and “ought not” do. It isn’t just something we “learned”, even babies have a sense of right and wrong. It’s ingrained into our very being. It influences the decisions we make. If we find a wallet full of money, we face an inner awareness of doing the right thing and return it, or the wrong thing and keep it. The latter usually causes an unpleasant sense know as “guilt”.

Where did that moral code come from? I don’t think we just made it up like the rules of baseball? Moral code seems to be pretty absolute, like mathematics. Humans didn’t invent math, we discovered it. Mathematics and moral law have something in common, they transcend time and culture…they are always the same. Two times two will always be four…shoplifting will always be wrong.

If we had no laws to break, and no Divine Being to be accountable to, we would have no idea of how far short we fall in keeping the law and little need for forgiveness and redemption.

…and if God does sound like Truman, I’ll just have to get used to it.

3 thoughts on “Capote

  1. I don’t know who Truman Capote is but I am going to google him right now. Thanks for making me think.
    When I was little, I used to wonder how I would react if I saw God or talked to him. I have often thought in my mind that I am not ready to talk to God, as yet because I am such a sinner- I always think, I will get my act straight together and then I will meet him and talk to him but the pace at which my life is going, it will be a long time till I am ready to talk to him.
    As to hearing him, I know he talks to me through a gentle nudge, a clear direction provided, thoughts in my head, giving me choices as to right and wrong and so many other things- yesterday, my cat asked to be let out on our terrace, where I have a garden and above the terrace/roof I could see the dawn sky- I looked up at the sky and thought I could very well imagine God looking down on me and saying Hi.
    I can feel God- literally, I know he is there with me- though I don’t often acknowledge his presence and forget that he is there, especially when I choose to do something using my own thinking processes. I have to learn to curb my own thinking and learn to listen to God doing the thinking for me and guiding me. That is my life lesson, I think.
    Your post made me think so much of my thoughts out and thank you for that, Gene.

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    • Truman Capote was a novelist who had a strange voice.
      I guess for me it was after realizing that God already knew what I was like and still included me in his plans for eternity that I felt more comfortable in prayer. In prayer is where I feel his presence, not in an audible voice but through my conscience.

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