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The Fat Fingered Blues


It’s 3:00 A.M.  I just can’t get myself to turn out the light and let my manuscript rest. Soon after the room turns dark and the house grows quiet, they will creep out from hiding. Believing they may dwell in the depths of my keyboard, I’ve sat quietly in the corner of the room hoping to catch them in action.  No luck so far.

Like evil little Pac-Man creatures running through my maze of written thought, they have an insatiable need to eat and/or change the characters in my text. They get their kicks out of making me look stupid. I pray that God protect my nights work, but he may just be in on the prank as well. It could be that even God craves a little chuckle every now-and-then. I’m tired of being the target of abuse.

Some claim that they are just errors due to mechanical failure or the fat finger syndrome, but I know better than that. My work was perfect just the night before, I’m sure of it because I reread it five times.

These attacks involve simple, unnoticeable acts of mischief in duplication, omission, or substitution of a small number of characters on my page. In some cases they wait to attach themselves to an email and make their little revisions just as I hit the send button.

Here’s something you may not have considered; when you open my email, they become your problem. They infest your keyboard and make your posts look just as amateurish as mine. They know their way around a fire wall and go undetected by Norton and MacAfee. You probably think that’s just a cute little smiley faced emoticon that was added to my email, but guess what? That’s them! Typos, I hate em! 🙂 🙂 😉


One thought on “The Fat Fingered Blues

  1. Great post Gene. Typos are my bane too but worse are the automatic corrections made by Word press or other word processors. And God forbid, if you hit “publish” without having read the final post once more, I am sure to have unknowing Typos created by word processors in my post- its true, these words and letters seem to be playing games with us and they seem to indeed get a chuckle out of our squirms, when we re-read our “posted” posts.
    Lets join the gang of those easy going spirited writers, who don’t care a damn, who write only as they please and what they please and don’t care who or how their posts are read.
    Long live free handed writers, Gene.

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