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I still believe in Christmas. I still believe what it embodies. I believe in the gift that I can’t live without and I’m overwhelmed by the selfless devotion of the giver. I embrace the inherited family traditions and benevolent mind-set of the season but I’m afraid there has been an ongoing effort to delegate the guest of honor to the position of “also ran.”

Sugar plum fairies have been competing with angels heard on high and the wonder of the virgin birth is rivaled by the spectacle of a virgin snow. The birth of a Savior loses significance to a world that focuses more on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Yet I still believe in Christmas. I believe in the fulfillment of biblical promise; not the fat man in a red suit. I believe in the love that materialized in that manger. I am humbled by the notion that it reached out to include me.

Spruce trees adorned in dazzling lights towering over a Thomas Kinkade like Christmas village make charming displays, but they just don’t compare to the wonder of the Christmas Star. Still, I remain festive and enjoy celebrating the material traditions of the holiday, but not at the expense of its spiritual significance. I believe in the Christ Child.

I believe what my dad believed; and his dad before him. I believe that Christmas has already fulfilled its purpose. What came to pass over two thousand years ago cannot be snuffed out by the banning of nativity scenes and forbiddance of the “Merry Christmas” greeting.

I believe because I have accepted the miraculous “Christmas Gift” given long ago…still available today.
Merry Christmas

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