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The Funny Thing is – It’s OK

eug 001

I turned sixty-two today.

Why couldn’t I have had this brain in my younger body? Not that I’m all that smart — I was just a lot dumber back then.

I would have eaten much better—beer, pizza and Hostess Ho Hos probably didn’t contain enough nutrients to sustain a healthy and vibrant physique.

I would have exercised more than I did…All right, way more than I did…OK, I didn’t exercise!

I would have read books, learned to play the saxophone and tried out for the school play.

But I didn’t, and now here I am trying to make up for lost time. Not that I really want to live a long time, at least not the way the world is today. Give me back 1959 and I’d consider staying. No, I really just want to feel good, think clearly, stay mobile and continue to share life with the love of my life.

You know…we’ve been married for over forty-two years. As I recall, I asked her to marry me. I guess I wasn’t that stupid after all! This calls for a beer and a hunk of cake!

Happy Birthday to ME!

4 thoughts on “The Funny Thing is – It’s OK

  1. Eugene ,first happy birthday second Aaaaa!! I forgot .No ,it would be amazing to of had this knowledge when we was kids but then we would not of experienced the thrill of being a kid and all of those wonderful things . I don’t know about people who say they know what they want to do at a early stage because they miss out on life .I am so thankful my life has sisters and brothers who are the best and the families of each are wonderful .


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