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Forever Arleen


She made me feel special, even during those high school years when I spent most of my time trying to avoid her.

She was my best friend when I was six. I accompanied her baby doll and teddy bear to morning tea parties. She played cowboys and indians with me in the afternoon. I always got to be the cowboy. She always died at the hand of my trusty six-shooter.

She wasn’t much good in a snowball fight but did her best to keep a pile of ammunition ready as we battled the neighbor kids.


I was her super hero, protecting her from snakes, spiders and the boogie man. She was my confidant, listening to me when Mom and Dad didn’t understand.

When Mom wasn’t looking, I’d eat the liver and onions off her plate. She’d eat my yellow wax beans.

She’s left-handed, and I’m right. We constantly bumped elbows at the dinner table because she insisted on sitting on my right side.

Despite our occasional quarrels, she was my biggest fan, and I was her secret admirer.

I taught her to ride a bike, but neglected to show her how to use the brake. She crashed head first into the barricade at the end of the road. I felt bad…she forgave me.

I tried to teach her how to drive a car. She tried to teach me how to dance to Beatles songs…and make Jello.

Our bond remains one of the foundations of my life. She loves me unconditionally, is forever faithful, and forgiving beyond measure.

Hurt her feelings and you instantly become my enemy. She’ll forgive you well before I will. She’s my little sister and I adore her.

This year she celebrates a very special birthday…I continue to celebrate the day she was born.

Happy Birthday Lil-Sis!


8 thoughts on “Forever Arleen

  1. That was so lovely! I’m in the local library with my daughter and feeling bored as there is nothing suitable to read. Then I remembered the pile of unread blogs on my phone and I chose yours.
    Thanks for a great read.


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