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The Creator’s Canvas

As a result of my fast-paced life, I often failed to notice the splendor laying right at my feet. The relaxed pace of retirement has enabled me to see the world in slow motion.  Apparently I had stepped over an awful lot of beauty and charm right in my own backyard. I had been so involved with working with my plants that I  never took the time to appreciate God’s majesty found within them.

Armed with a camera, a cup of coffee and a comfortable lawn chair, I decided to find what I’d been missing. I don’t pretend to be a knowledgable photographer…I’m just a guy with a camera…and a cup of coffee…

Please follow this link:  Backyard Safari


6 thoughts on “The Creator’s Canvas

  1. Beautiful photography! Love the cardinal. My Dad likes to take pictures of nature too. He has never taken a course, but he and his friend manage to capture some beautiful images. One day, he caught an eagle flying over head, with a duck in his claws and a hawk was chasing him for it. Pretty incredible shot. 🙂


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