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Words With Friends


My artistic impulses have always left me wanting for a new medium in which to express myself. I’ve spent time immersed in pencil drawing, wood carving, music, and now writing.

I began writing about five years ago and in that time my vocabulary has increased tenfold. There are occasions when after rereading what I wrote I think, “Who wrote that?”

Not only had I learned to express myself in new ways, I’ve also recognized that certain words I used to use don’t even exist. For example:

  • “Warsh” as in, ”Go warsh your hands.”
  • “Alblum” as in “I like The Beatles – Abbey Road alblum.”
  • And my kids all time favorite is “Syrp” as in “Pass the maple syrp.”

Gifted with some sort of a Southside Chicago accent and limited language skills I often rely on my wife’s help when struggling to find the best way to illustrate a thought. Unlike myself, she has a wide vocabulary—she’s a logophile, one of those Scrabble players who uses all seven letters at once to create words I had never heard before in my life. It’s even hard to pronounce some of the words she suggests.

I think I know what it means to write in the first person, but not always so sure about using the second or third-person point of view. I’m confused with the correct use of hyphens, en dashes, em dashes, semicolons, colons, ellipses, and parentheses. Are they really all necessary? In my mind its like having a half dozen of the same sized screw drivers in my tool box.

I’ve decided not to let my lack of proper grammar hold me back. I’m just going to write what I feel, let my wife help when she can and when I reach an impasse I’m going to clear my mind by sitting down to a tall stack of “pannacakes” smothered in blueberry “syrp.”

 Photo credit: arripay / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

13 thoughts on “Words With Friends

  1. Gene, your post made me smile. 🙂 I began writing about five years ago too. 🙂 I loved “pannacakes” and “syrp” (but spell check doesn’t! It keeps correcting me!).

    What a blessing to have a wife who’s a logophile and can help you with expressing your thoughts.

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  2. Cute story! Keep writing. Hope you are continuing to heal without problems. We had a great weekend with Arleen, Kristen, Kelly and Pam. Love, Joanne

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  3. Giggle. 🙂 Gene, I was relieved to read we’re supposed to write in a down to earth style that won’t take the reader out of the story (Hey reader–look at this humongous vocabulary). If I use big words and fancy tools, I’d lose my audience. So I’d say you’re right where you’re supposed to be. And I like being part of your audience. Hope your foot is mending speedily.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

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    • Thank you Sharon, what a nice thing to say. You know I probably shouldn’t admit this for all the others bloggers to see but I really struggle to read lengthly blog posts. I seldom read one that is over 1000 words. I purposely try to write in such a way that I’d be willing to read it. That is the same approach I took when writing my book and I was quite pleased with its outcome. I haven’t seen much from your blog lately or have I been missing something?


      • Yes I understand. We all find it hard to read long blogs yet the temptation to write War and Peace is in all of us 🙂 Thanks for your concern about my quietness – I am quite busy at the moment and have several blog drafts, but I want to post them when I have proper time. I placed a couple on today but I am enjoy9ng sitting back and reading others.


  4. Gene, I love your writing style and have never noticed any errors, as yet. Please put in the funny words, without spell check so I can read them as you speak them in your mind- that is the most natural and honest you and as you know I appreciate honesty.


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