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EugJohn Keetly1955

I’m a son, husband, father, grandpa, retired railroad mechanic, story teller and the author of Back to Tonic –  The story of my journey through grief and broken faith.  Book 

I’m a survivor of the brokenness that haunts parents faced with the death of a child.

I love God, family, wading for smallmouth bass and the Chicago Cubs.

I hate that some people think an encouraging response to tragedy is: “Everything happens for a reason” 

This blog: Patchwork is my collection of random short stories about family, faith, grief and an occasional personal rant to keep my blood pumping.

I hope you enjoy the ramblings of this simple old rail-roader, who most often recruits his wife in the writing of these stories.

14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I found your blog because you followed mine. I’ve been poking around here; lovely writing! Your LJ Invasion reminded me of when my Mom and dad would have bridge club at our house. We were prisoners in our rooms too, just waiting for exciting tidbits of food that were usually forbidden. And I remember Party Doll. And I’m not THAT Old! 🙂


  2. Gene, I followed your read on my blog and your “About me” page is interesting. I am interested in faith field journeys as I often struggle with my own. I am much better since I started blogging because blogging helps you air yourself and bring your deepest, evilest thoughts outside- I will read much more of your writing.
    God bless,

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    • Well I guess I started reading your blog at the same time you started mine! I really believe that the only way to deal with any kind of struggle is to lean into it. I started blogging because someone told me it would be good for me. I never enjoyed reading and struggled with spelling. I find blogging not only enjoyable, but also to be healing. I’d love to hear your story and plan to start working my way through your posts tomorrow. God Bless.

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  3. I also hate it when people say everything happens for a reason. A nurse involved with my care after my son’s death actually said that to me just last week, “Remember, everything happens for a reason.” I just stared at her… I couldn’t respond. How can anyone think those are comforting words?

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    • You should have asked her. “What would be good enough for you to take in trade for the life of your son?” Sometimes people just don’t think about what they say. Unfortunately, before my son’s death I probably said a lot of the same stupid things to people thinking I was being helpful.

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      • I should have said something, but I didn’t think quickly enough. She’s a sweet woman, so I don’t hate her, just wonder how anyone can really look at this world and conclude everything happens for a reason… But, I agree, I am sure I’ve said some less than perfect things to people as well (hopefully not THAT though 🙂 )


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