Chasing Tale


My boyhood was full of curiosity, imagination, and adventure. It was fueled by the obsession of my buddies and I to debunk the tall tales spun by our not so reputable peers from town. Continue reading


Blurred Vision


Photo credit: avrene via / CC BY

Life was hard for a fat kid. Nobody ever looked at you and said,

“Now there’s a great ball player.”

No, a fat kid always had to prove himself. It was like hanging a sign around your neck that read “Don’t pick me for anything except a pie eating contest.”  The only thing that made it worse was having to wear glasses. Continue reading

Mary’s Favorite Recipes

Mary's Favorite Recipes

Potato dumplings, Polish sausage, stuffed cabbage and flavorful gravies… Polish chicken, homemade breads and mounds of buttered mashed potatoes… Polish noodles, pierogi, kolacky, candied sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and baked beans, the list goes on and on. Continue reading