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You and Me Babe


I really don’t need her telling me that our interstate exit is two miles ahead; I read the same sign she did.

And yes, I see the mammoth semi-truck coming towards us; I wouldn’t think of turning in front of it.

I’m aware that the speed limit is 45mph in the construction zone. Maybe she should hang her head out the window and alert the other drivers who think its still 70.

My male ego tends to recoil when she insinuates I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing behind the wheel. I could snap back at her and tell her to stop, but why fight it, she’s just going to continue “co-piloting.” It must give her a sense of security, so why ruin the day by calling her out on it?  Instead I just nod my head and continue on.

Maybe one of the keys to a happy marriage is found by being tolerant of each other’s unchangeable little habits. Besides, If the truth be known, I don’t always pay attention while driving and secretly appreciate her having my back. Those little quirks that once annoyed me, today bring a warm smile to my face because I know what prompts them—she loves me—she loves us.

It’s often said, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” Could it be that we’ve always known but just never thought about losing it? We often take for granted those who deserve our deepest appreciation. No one cares for me like she does—it’s evident in even her smallest gestures. She sees to it that I get the fuller cup of coffee, the larger portion of meat, the warmer slice of bread. She covers me when I fall asleep on the sofa and brings me a drink when I’m too involved in a backyard project to stop what I’m doing. In spite of having seen me at my worst, she not only loves me, she continues to like me. She is by far my best friend and biggest supporter.

So as her birthday approaches, I once again struggle to find just the right card. An inscription that would do her justice and at the same time reflect how much I cherish her—in all these years I have yet to find such a card. Flowery words of love are nothing more than words if they fail to carry with them sincere gestures of love, sacrifice, and commitment.

Words alone will never fully express my passion for her. Some of the most precious acts of love aren’t necessarily brought to light by what we say—and on occasion may be more faithfully revealed in what we don’t say.

The truth is, I know what I have and deeply appreciate the harmony of our oneness. As we continue to motor on down this road of life together, I will thankfully accept any and all driving instructions from her without complaint, because these days, that’s just how we roll.

You and me Babe—in tandem forever.


Photo credit: arkland_swe / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

5 thoughts on “You and Me Babe

  1. Thank you Gene for this tribute to your wife. Hope your wife has read it and she needs to know that you need her.
    My husband and I fight every day and I think we started fighting about a month after we got married 23 years ago. In the modern world, many of those fights would have led on to a divorce- they were so bad but we are still together. Now I can smile at some of the things he said and I said and our fights but at those times they sounded right down cruel.
    The point is all marriages are made in heaven but it is us men, who choose to take it the direction we want it to go. I believe every marriage is blessed by God.


    • Marriage is a partnership that requires constant awareness of each other. Somewhere along the line my wife and I just started caring more about each other’s needs. We compliment each other well. We really don’t fight, but we do snip at each other at times (usually when I’m trying to use the hands free car phone feature) But what God has put together no carphone will tear apart! 😉

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